Allan Ray Testimonial

A testimonial from Allan Ray about the work that I did along with our crew at


Kevin Durant, Against all Odds

I was a fan of Kevin Durant’s skills for a few years. I always wanted to spend some extra time on a piece featuring KD. Finally during this summer I had some extra time on my hands. The latest work is featuring Kevin going against all odds. Fire, glass, heat and yet I know he will beat all of those obstacles on road for gold in London.

The wallpaper was done exclusively for You can also catch various screen resolutions by going to the portfolio section. Enjoy!


Lebron James – Desktop wallpaper

For a few months I wasn’t able to find sufficient amounts of free time to put up a wallpaper. Recently I finally got to a piece I wanted to do for a moment. My latest wallpaper – Lebron. Master at his art went live and you can get it at

The wallpaper I came out with is to support the United States Dream Team during 2012 Olympic games in London. You can also catch various screen resolutions by going to the portfolio section. Enjoy!

facebook_cover_2 goes live

Another project finished up by went live! For over a month we were working collectively on the website and branding of Quinton “T2″ Hosley.

You can see the project live at and for more information about the elements of the work you can head down down here to the Portfolio section.

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wedding_3 becomes official

Keydren Clark is a legendary basketball player out of New York City. During his college career at Saint Peter’s College he scored 3058 points, which for a few years was a league record.

Along with we’ve created the branding and full webpresence for Keydren. During the first day online his website was visited by a lot of fans thanks to an exclusive giveaway of signed practice jerseys. The website became a great place for fans to stay in touch with Keydren during the season and after it.

You can view the website at

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MarQuez Haynes Testimonial

A testimonial from MarQuez Haynes about the work that I did along with our crew at

Dariusz is a very professional person. He is very detail oriented and will work with you to make sure your input is met at the highest level of satisfaction. Dariusz is extremely diligent in completing tasks in a timely manner and will work tirelessly until the job is finished and with high quality.

Welcome to!

Welcome everyone to my new portfolio! Many projects are still going to be added but right now you are able to see a lot of the work I have done through the years.

For those who aren’t familiar with me and my work I invite you to visit the about section and read about my experience. Check out the works that I have posted and leave comments, I’m always looking forward to constructive criticsm.